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Man fights off bear

Wildlife: A 55–year old man from Decheling in Nganglam was referred to the Thimphu hospital, yesterday, after suffering injuries from a bear attack. The man was on his way back home with a friend when he was attacked by the bear. According to the man’s friend, the man wrestled with the bear and both slipped and fell down a cliff. While the man was saved by a tree branch, the bear fell into a small stream. The man sustained multiple injuries on the neck, face [... Read More]

Headhunter rumours do the rounds in Nganglam


People suspect the proximity of the Kuri-Gongri hydropower project may be the spur Khekpa: Rumours of “khekpa” or headhunter, which have been spreading rapidly in Nganglam, are untrue, say authorities. Police and dungkhag officials announced that residents should not worry after the rumours caused fear among the communities. Many villagers under Chokhorling, Decheling and Norbugang gewogs have even begun patrolling their villages at night, according to gewog officials and villagers. People have been frequently calling officials to verify the rumours. For about a week now, [... Read More]

Compensation paid for land lost to upcoming township


Although five years since the plots exchanged hands, for owners, all’s well that ends well Denchi: After a five-year wait, 30 landowners, save for four households, received monetary compensation for the land they lost to the dzongkhag in 2010 for the new Denchi township. The existing town will be shifted to Denchi, about 18km from the gewog office under Shumar gewog in Pemagatshel. A total of Nu 63.301M was paid to the landowners, who together lost about 80 acres of land.  The compensation was paid [... Read More]

Life in an S/J loft


The housing crunch has driven many to dwell in the cramped confines of an attic HOUSING Living in the attic has always been hard for residents of Samdrupjongkhar, which is the hottest dzongkhag in the country.  But housing shortage has left them with little choice. Singye Wangchuk, 30, is a corporate employee.  He was transferred from Phuentsholing and spent eight months looking for a house in Samdrupjongkhar.  Today, he lives in an attic that has one bedroom, a small sitting room, a kitchen and a [... Read More]

Funds received, work resumes


Construction has been held up since Sept. in the absence of GoI budget release Pemagatshel dozing: After receiving Nu 35m from the government, the construction of Pemagatshel dzong in Denchi has resumed since September. Work of the dzong construction was stalled for about three months after government of India did not release the Nu 100m budget for the financial year 2014-15. Because of the lack of budget, the project officials had to send about 25 non-Bhutanese labourers back home, as they did not have fund [... Read More]

Growing cotton in Chongshing again


Once a hub for the crop, effort are being made to revive the culture in at least one chiwog Handicraft: Chongshing gewog of Pemagatshel was once a hub where cotton was widely grown and textiles woven from it. A weaver would earn Nu 800 by selling a gho or a kira.  Today, this tradition is almost dead in all the five chiwogs of Chongshing. However, gup Pema Dorji is encouraging the villagers in Thongsa to start growing cotton again. All the other villages in the [... Read More]

Elder cousin wins chiwog tshogpa post


By-Election: Residents of Namdaling chiwog in Decheling gewog yesterday elected 29-year old Karma Rinchen as their chiwog tshogpa in the by-election. Namdaling is about a three-hour walk from the gewog, which is about 20km from Nganglam dungkhag in Pemagatshel. Of the total 40 electric voting machine (EVM) votes, Karma Rinchen won by securing 24 EVM votes and five postal ballots votes.  His opponent, who is also his cousin, 26-year old Jamyang Norbu secured 16 EVM votes. The chiwog was without a tshogpa for the last [... Read More]

Fruitful season for potato farmers in the east


The tuber has been fetching record prices that show no signs of falling at the auction yard Agriculture: Farmers from the six eastern dzongkhags are certain that potatoes will fetch the same high rate until the season ends in December. This season has been a fruitful one for potato farmers, with prices shooting to an average of Nu 32.80 a kilogram, which, according to farmers, is the best price it has fetched to date. Rates usually dropped towards the end of the season but farmers [... Read More]

The dep porter service of Doongmanma


Carrying loads for visitors is considered an act of hospitality and done for free Lauri: Every time one travels to Doongmanma chiwog under Lauri, Samdrupjongkhar, one need not worry about luggage transportation to this remote community. Porters are easily available and, more than business, it is a tradition to lend a helping hand to visitors. This tradition has existed for decades, villagers said, adding that it was their way to provide service as a porter to the government and the country. Each household is required [... Read More]

Minjiwoong upgrade can’t come soon enough for parents


Otherwise they have to endure the cost and concern of sending their children far away Education: Parents of Minjiwoong lower secondary school (MLSS) students in Serthi gewog are worried about the extra costs they would have to bear by sending their children to Samdrupcholing dungkhag when they complete class VIII, this year. This is because only grades pre-primary (PP) to VII are available. MLSS is the only boarding school in Jomotsangkha dungkhag, catering to the dungkhag, Lauri, Langchenphug and Serthi gewogs. Students, upon completing class [... Read More]

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