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Contretemps over compensation land


Villagers contend that community holdings were given away wrongfully as substitute Taktse: Villagers of Taktse in Drakteng, Trongsa are considering whether to take the dzongkhag and the gewog offices to court, or inform the anti-corruption commission (ACC), for giving away about 40 decimals of community land in Tangchipang to two households as land substitute. The land was given to two households in Taktse as substitute, when the dratshang acquired the land near Taktse Sanga Choling lhakhang. Now the villagers of Taktse, Tashidhingkha and Yuesa are [... Read More]

Rehab village for indigent inaugurated

44 households from five villages are now rehabilitated on royal command at the Khenadang project site Zobel: His Royal Highness Gyaltshab Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, yesterday, inaugurated the Khenadang rehabilitation project vin Pemagatshel, which would serve as a new home to 44 households. The project implemented, under the national rehabilitation program (NRP), initiated on the command of His Majesty the King, was the first to improve the livelihood of landless and socio economically disadvantaged households in the country. The 44 households from five different villages under [... Read More]

All in the family


A couple of cousins compete amicably for the post of tshogpa in a by-election Elections: Wearing their best ghos, Jamyang Norbu, 26, and Karma Rinchen, 29, looked confident.  They stood in front of a small crowd yesterday, gathered to listen to the cousins, candidates for the post of tshogpa for Namdaling under Decheling gewog in Pemagatshel. A by-election for tshogpa’s post is scheduled for November 6. The two contestants said their pledges were same and, in fact, they prepared their speeches together.  The crowd, villagers [... Read More]

PM promises speedy resolution of delayed township


One way or the other, with a new or old town plan, the matter would be resolved, assured lyonchhoen Corridor: Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay assured businessmen and landowners in Nganglam that the biological corridor issue would be solved soon to avoid further delay of the already delayed township in Nganglam. However, lyonchhoen said that it was not guaranteed that the old master plan would be implemented for the township in Rinchenthang, which has been delayed for more than a decade. Lyonchhoen said he would discuss [... Read More]

The sculptor-gomchen from Doongmanma


Initially inspired by a dream, the self-taught artist now has plans to start an institute Profile: A 52-year old self-taught sculptor and his son-in-law, a university graduate, from Doongmanma under Lauri gewog in Samdrupjonkhar, plan to start an institute through which the father’s skills can be transmitted. Sonam Jamtsho, a gomchen (lay monk) is a busy man, whose mobile phone never stops ringing.  These are business calls, with people making orders for sculptures of various gods and goddesses. Sonam claims that his  talent emerged years [... Read More]

Hydropower contractor cries off Dungsam cement

The purported reason appears to be a price dispute between supplier and user DCCL: Only 20 percent of the cement used for the construction of the three-hydropower projects in the country are supplied by the country’s largest cement plant. While it was officially inaugurated two days ago, Dungsum cement plant started commercial production 10 months ago. It was learnt that 80 percent of the cement used in these projects are Indian brands, even though Dungsam could easily meet both the demand and standards at a [... Read More]

When a road connects a community


CHANGE Fifty-six-year old Leki Norbu still remembers how tedious and an arduous climb it was to go to his village, Lauri from Jomotsangkha Dungkhag, which then, was known as Daifam. Carrying ration on the back and walking uphills for four days weren’t easy but that’s how they had to travel if they had to survive. That was a decade back when the gewog was completely out of road connection. Although the farm road to Lauri gewog in Samdrupjongkhar is yet to complete but its benefit [... Read More]

PM inaugurates Dungsam Cement


More than three decades after its initial planning, the plant is finally up and running DCCL: Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay inaugurated Dungsam Cement corporation ltd (DCCL) in Nganglam yesterday. The country’s largest cement plant started commercial operations since January this year under the brand name of Dragon cement.  DCCL currently produces ordinary portland cement (OPC) and portland pozolona cement (PPC). Located in Chenkari, about 5km from existing Nganglam town, DCCL was incorporated in 2009 under the companies Act as a wholly owned subsidiary of Druk [... Read More]

The gone away gungtongs – An issue that won’t go away


The fact that those who remain pick up the slack left by the absent is especially galling Doongmanma:  Villagers of Doongmanma chiwog in Lauri gewog want the government to either annul and take over gungtongs, or require at least one member of each gung to return and reside in the village. A gung is a household, while gungtongs are registered households left unoccupied for a certain period of time. With many choosing to migrate to urban areas to either find employment or stay with their [... Read More]

The welcoming chiwog of Doongmana


The hospitality en route to this remote scattered settlement in Lauri, S/J is renowned Village: Greetings, smiles and offerings of refreshments and food are common on the way to Doongmana chiwog, Lauri gewog in Samdrupjongkhar. Despite the arduous uphill walk, the warm hospitality of the village is what makes the trip worthwhile. Doongmana village in Jomotsangkha dungkhag is almost a six-hour walk from Depsang in Serthi gewog.  It is a remote scattered village of about 50 households. Lauri is about a four-hour walk from Doongmana. [... Read More]

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