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Creating an Hindu Kush Himalayan network

One main recommendation was to promote cooperation among the 8 HKH countries Environment: Promoting trans-boundary cooperation among the eight Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) countries, and monitoring forest area through remote sensing were some of the recommendations the symposium on transforming mountain forestry made in Dehradun, India. Sustainable use of mountains, establishing perennial plots and small wildlife enclosures, and developing a wildlife management concept were also recommended. The symposium’s recommendations will be submitted to the respective countries in the region for action within a month’s time, [... Read More]

As for human-wildlife conflict, prevention is better than cure

Tackling the root cause of the growing problem is the only sustainable solution Discussions: More than finding a solution, human-wildlife conflict, which is becoming a growing challenge in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region, needs to be prevented. At a discussion on “Taming human wildlife conflicts in the HKH: forest management or crisis management”, representatives from the region shared that, despite having several measures in place, human-wildlife conflict has been on the rise. The issue is compounded with protected areas increasingly becoming isolated due to [... Read More]

Community forest mangt, the best defence against environmental degradation


Symposium: Involvement of local communities is important in the management of mountain forests and preventing environmental degradation, it was pointed out by representatives of countries of the Hindu Kush Himalayas at the ongoing Transforming Mountain Forestry symposium in Dehradhun, India. It was also pointed out that the bottom-up approach of co-managing forests has been in existence for the past three decades, and has increased participation of communities in planning, research, development, management and policy-making of forests. The community forest model has been successful in countries [... Read More]

Groundbreaking ceremony for Labar-Khengzor farmroad construction


SDP: With the groundbreaking ceremony on January 14, villagers of Labar-Khengzor in Khar, Pemagatshel are all smiles, as soon their chiwog will be connected with a farm road. The construction of a 5km farm road began yesterday.  The project is funded under the first batch of small development projects (SDP), a part of government of India’s grant assistance to Bhutan in the 11th Plan, stated a press release from the Gross National Happiness Commission. A total budget of Nu 15M has been allocated for the [... Read More]

Lauri’s long wait for electricity soon to be over


Power: With almost 90 percent of the work completed, Bhutan Power corporation (BPC) expects to electrify Lauri, Samdrupjongkhar’s most remote gewog, by mid this year. Divided in two packages, work on the much-awaited rural electrification  (RE) project began in 2012 and was supposed to complete by June 2013. But monsoon and its remote location hindered the installations of trunk line and, the electrification was delayed. However, BPC is now left to erect a few transformers, wire and charge the system, which is expected to complete [... Read More]

S/J’s first moenlam chenmo draws thousands of devotees


Prayer: More than 3,000 devotees from Samdrupjongkhar and the nearby eastern dzongkhags have gathered in Samdrupjongkhar middle secondary school to attend a weeklong moenlam chenmo (great prayer ceremony), which began yesterday. Presided over by His Holiness Je Khenpo Trulku Jigme Choeda, this is the first moenlam chenmo to be conducted in Samdrupjongkhar with about 200 monks and nuns from Thimphu, Pemagatshel and Samdrupjongkhar dratshangs.  The dzongkhag and thromde initiated the moenlam chenmo, which will be an annual event henceforth, through their own contributions, and donations [... Read More]

Township works to start soon


Biological corridor reduced to 500m, both landowners and businesspeople happy Nganglam: The long delayed Nganglam town at Rinchenthang is expected to see some development with the issue of biological corridor boundary solved. The corridor that became the bone of contention between planners and landowners and halted the development of the town is now reduced to 500m from 750m as planned earlier. Works and human settlement minister Dorji Choden said the boundary was reduced following several rounds of discussion among all government stakeholders. It was initiated [... Read More]

Broiler farm running dry


Poultry: Some 11 farmers from Phuntshothang, Pemathang and Samdrupcholing in Samdrupjongkhar gathered last year to start broiler farms. Today, after their first production, farmers are worried about business sustainability. The 11 farms produced 700 kilograms of meat. In the next line of production, the farm will produce about 1,500 kilograms of meat. Where is the problem so? The farmers said that many people prefer chicken imported from India or they buy from Darranga (Mela bazaar), a border town in India. And this is hurting their [... Read More]

Spending holidays fruitfully


About 30 students are packing oranges at a depot in S/jongkhar to pay their school expenses Vacation: Although it’s difficult to stay away from their parents and miss out the winter vacation fun, some 30 students from Wangphu gewog have chosen to take up part time jobs in Samdrupjongkhar and earn a little before returning to school. The group of girls decided to come with one of the adults from the village who supplies oranges to a contractor after he informed them that he could [... Read More]

Border town strikes sour mandarin export

Since November, more than 50 truckloads of mandarin have been exported Export: The two-day strike, which begins today in Bangladesh soon after a strike was called off in the Indian border town of Assam, has left Bhutanese mandarin exporters worried. With the peak mandarin export season on from January, exporters in Samdrupjongkhar are worried that the frequent strikes in the border towns would affect export. The recent strike in Assam has left most mandarin consignment stranded, which was a loss to the exporters since mandarins [... Read More]

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