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Companies get a rap on the knuckles

They’ve been warned for not regularising workers with them for more than six months Labour: Labour officials from the regional office in Samdrupjongkhar have warned companies in Pemagatshel for not regularising temporary workers, who have worked more than six months with the companies. Officials have notified the companies to provide details of the number of temporary workers, and justify why they were not regularised. The regional office, during a routine awareness campaign, last week, found out that most of the workers are not aware about [... Read More]

Gewog struggles without BHU


Unfortunately, due to its low population, it does not qualify for one, as per health policy Samrang: Falling sick in Samrang gewog is an extra burden.  The remote gewog doesn’t have a basic health unit (BHU).  The nearest health centre is an hour’s walk away, in the neighbouring gewog, Pemathang. Hot and humid, the weather makes people prone to common illnesses.  The 98 people living in the gewog depend on a village health worker, whom they call their saviour. The volunteer, Budhiman Rai, 50, was [... Read More]

One way or the other, the water sources are drying up

Farmers claim foresters don’t check indiscriminate tree felling; the latter says the former is doing the cutting  Zobel: An increase in the felling of trees has caused water shortage in Zobel gewog, Pemagatshel, according to villagers. Villagers and gewog officials are worried about the impact the rise in construction activities and the felling of trees along the Kherigonpa to Tshelingkhor forest, which falls under the gewog, would have on the community. According to villagers, this was happening because forest officials do not monitor the felling [... Read More]

Yongla gonpa lhakhang reconstruction on schedule


Despite adverse weather and delayed supplies, work is expected to complete on time Project: Reconstruction of Yongla gonpa lhakhang in Pemagatshel is in full swing, with most of the major work almost completed, officials at the site said. The reconstruction project began this year after the earthquake of September 11 in 2011 damaged the main lhakhang completely. Yongla gonpa is about an hour’s drive from the dzongkhag, and located on a hilltop opposite the Tselingkhor gate, the entrance to dzongkhag.  It’s about 22km from the dzongkhag headquarters.  The project is scheduled [... Read More]

Tiger dolls stave off monkey raids


Shumar has resorted to this ruse to protect their crops but the wild boar aren’t fooled Wildlife: The arrival of what looks like a ferocious royal Bengal tiger, baring its menacing fangs, grabs the attention of Kezang, who is in the midst of farm work in his maize fields.  He drops his tools and runs — not away but towards the tiger. As he approaches the tiger, his 60-year-old wrinkled and weary face breaks into a grin. His granddaughter has her right hand around the [... Read More]

Solar fencing keep elephants away


Samrang’s farmers have been spared the annual depredation by marauding elephants Wildlife: The installation of solar fencing has worked in protecting crops of Samrang gewog farmers and, this year, unlike in the past, they have been able to harvest maize. Elephants have otherwise damaged crops and farmers of three chiwogs of Ngangtshohangtoe, Ngangtshohangmey and Dhamsagangmey under Samrang have lost their livelihood to the tuskers for decades. Farmer Talak Bahadhur Bista, 68, said, since solar fencing was installed, villagers live with peace of mind. “It has [... Read More]

CDG builds hostels for primary school students


SAMDRUPJONGKHAR Constitutional Development Grant (CDG) was a blessing in disguise for three community primary schools students in Wangphu and Serthi gewog under Samdrupjongkhar. The grant was used for building accomodation for students in the schools, without which students had to walk for over three hours to get to school everyday, or live in huts near the school on thier own. The three schools, Yarphu, Wangphu community primary schools in Wangphu gewog and Zamtari community primary school in Serthi gewog also has some students living with [... Read More]

No takers for transport service


No buses have plied the Jomotsangkha-Samdrupjongkhar route since last year RSTA: The Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) office in Samdrupjongkhar has not received any proposal to operate a transport service between Jomotsangkha and Samdrupjongkhar ever since the last service discontinued a year ago. People of Lauri, Langchenphug and Serthi gewogs in the dungkhag have been living with this problem after the only bus service that plied between the dungkhag and dzongkhag discontinued following an accident.  It later refused to operate, for lack of passengers. [... Read More]

Samrang is electrified … fortuitously


Power: The long wait for electricity in Samrang gewog, Samdrupcholing dungkhag (Bangtar), is over with 24 households connected with electricity on August 16, more than a decade later after their neighbours. The village was unusually bright, with every home lit with tube lights.  Besides electricity, the gewog now has access to farm road and mobile connectivity. It was around 6pm.  Unlike other days, Ambika Gurung, 55, was not busy as she did not have to worry about fetching firewood from the nearby forest to cook [... Read More]

DT seeks gewog’s name change from Samrang to Doserling


Chiefly to distinguish it from its namesake across the border Nomenclature: Following a request from Samrang gup to change the name of the gewog to Doserling, the Samdrupjongkhar dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) members unanimously agreed to it. Samrang gup Man Bahadur Gurung informed members that villagers wanted a Dzongkha name, as Samrang being derived from Sanskrit, none of the villagers knew what it meant. “Villagers are also not aware of how the village got the name,” the gup said, during the eighth DT on August 13. [... Read More]

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