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Gomdar central school opens its gates

Education: Free uniforms, meals, boarding facilities and stationery were the main reasons why parents enrolled their children in Gomdar central school in Gomdar, Samdrupjongkhar, which officially opened this year. For 48-year old Chimmi Dema from Richanglu, it was a blessing when she learnt that the school would be providing free uniforms and stationery, and even utensils, to students.  It meant she would no longer have to look for money to shop for her three school-going children. “I’m not sure what the whole policy or the [... Read More]

Surgery camp helps scores to see clearly

Matured cataract the most common cause for failing vision  Health: Daza, 70, was losing her vision to cataract.  Her vision blurred with age, and she had difficulty recognising people.  Everyday, the woman from Dewathang worried about going blind soon. She was not alone.  Almost all of the 50 other people from Samdrupjongkhar and neighbouring dzongkhags had suffered similar matured cataract, or a condition before a person turns blind. An eye surgery mobile unit from the JDWNRH on a three-day camp restored their vision, dispelling all [... Read More]

Finding common ground with the gewogs


A two-day workshop was held to coordinate, align and strengthen plan activities  SJI: The Samdrupjongkhar Initiative (SJI) conducted a two-day  Samdrupjongkhar district development strategy workshop for 11 gewog officials, so that they are better able to coordinate, align and strengthen plan activities. The participants discussed specific needs and priorities, saying there was a need for the gewogs to collaborate with SJI. Tshewang Dhendup, SJI’s executive director, said collaboration between SJI and the gewogs could be a fruitful partnership. “The SJI would like to learn from [... Read More]

A long wait will soon be over


WHO-funded pump project will soon deliver the precious resource to Shumar and Zobel Water: Water shortage in two gewogs of Shumar and Zobel in Pemagatshel is expected to be addressed soon, as the dzongkhag’s long awaited project to pump water from Khonmari stream nears completion. Benefitting two gewogs with an estimated population of 7,430, the Nu 95M (million) project is expected to address the acute water shortage the villagers have been living with for decades. Officials said the three water pumps have been installed to [... Read More]

Two killed in Nganglam hit-and-run incident

The driver of the Bolero that hit the motorcycle though has been apprehended Accident: Two non-Bhutanese men succumbed to injuries after a Bolero hit the motorcycle they were riding on in Nganglam on March 16. The incident occurred around 11am near Zala Shing Zor, which is about five kilometres from Nganglam town before reaching the check post. The men were brothers and one of them was a sub-contractor based in Nganglam.  His brother, who was riding the bike at the time of the incident, was [... Read More]

S/J RE project due to complete this month


Scheduled to end by 2013, the programme faced a host of problems, causing the delay Electricity: After more than a year of delay, the rural electrification (RE) project for Serthi and Lauri gewogs in Samdrupjongkhar is expected to complete this month. Although all the villages of the two gewogs are yet to be electrified, a total of 526 households in 20 villages in Serthi and Lauri gewogs, among the most remote in the country, are now connected with power. Eleven gewogs in Samdrupjongkhar are now [... Read More]

System works, but farmers still skeptical

Though the rice yield has improved, the process, they feel, is far more labour intensive SRI: Some time in June last year, villagers of Pemathang in Samdrupjongkar, despite some reluctence tried a new method of paddy cultivation. They have no regrets now as they are reaping the benefits of the change.   Called SRI or “system of rice intensification”, the new method of transplanting paddy seedling has led to increased rice yield. For instance, Sangay Wangdi, 55, who tried the new method on his 30-decimal [... Read More]

Khanduphung looks forward to a rosy future …

… at the kickoff  of a long awaited farm road, whose construction has only just begun Development: It’s not just dust that’s in the Khanduphung village air.  The construction of a 2.7km farm road that will link Khanduphung to the gewog road is only in its fifth day, but optimism is in the air for a better life. Khanduphung in Serthi gewog is about an hour’s walk from the Lauri gewog centre road point.  Serthi is 21km from Jomotsangkha dungkhag.  Construction of the road is [... Read More]

Electric fence guard does Guyum good

Wildlife: The past year was a good one for the people of Guyum in Pemagatshel.  The village had the best potato yield in recent memory.  Guyum farmers are expecting the same this year when they harvest the crop in June and July. Farmers say that the crop yield increased after 2013, because of electric fencing that helped reduce instances of human-wildlife conflict.

Yurung’s cardamom makeover


Four years ago a pioneer farmer started plantation and it’s caught on like wildfire since Agriculture: Four years ago, 59-year-old Tandin Tshewang was the lone farmer in Yurung, Pemagatshel, who decided to grow cardamom. Tandin Tshewang did well.  He made Nu 35,000 after selling about 50kg dried cardamom for Nu 800 a kg in Samdrupjongkhar.  The idea of growing cardamom occurred to Tandin Tshewang, when he met one of his friends, who had returned from Tsirang.

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