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Soelra or kidu, OL returns duty vehicle

While PDP claims to take the moral high ground, DPT calls it stooping to cheap politics

Coinciding with the dissolution of the cabinet, the former opposition leader Tshering Tobgay yesterday returned his duty vehicle, a Prado, to the government, because his conscience does not permit him to retain it.

The interim government, which had taken office yesterday, however, asked the former opposition leader to officially submit the car keys and his letter surrendering the vehicle today.

His Majesty the King had granted their official vehicles to the outgoing prime minister, cabinet ministers, the national assembly speaker, the national council chairman and the leader of the opposition party after the national assembly dissolved on April 20.

The leader of the People’s Democratic party, Tshering Tobgay, in a press conference, said that His Majesty has already issued a royal decree announcing the next elections.

“There are going to be many people, who would think this was politically motivated; I can’t do anything about it,” the outgoing opposition leader said. “I chose today specifically to return the vehicle, because the cabinet is dissolving today, marking the full closure of the current government and I’d hope that they would also return their vehicles.”

According to the opposition party, the country cannot afford to set such an excessive precedent, particularly at a time when it’s going through an economic crisis.

On if the opposition party was cashing in for political mileage, Tshering Tobgay said the party did what is right and it has nothing to do with politics.

“We’re doing what’s right; we had a contract with the people of Bhutan, we served for five years and we were paid for that service,” he said. “We’re not trying to renegotiate towards the very end, and trying to squeeze as much for our personal gains.”

Former opposition party member and the party’s spokesperson, Damcho Dorji, said it would have been different, if the official vehicles were granted solely by His Majesty the king, because kidu, as per the Constitution, is the perogative of His Majesty only.

“Now to ask for kidu by the government, by the leader of the ruling party for kidu, I think, is morally wrong,” he said. “It’s going to set a very expensive precedent and, if this happens, then any government in future would go for the same, and which would put His Majesty in a very awkward position.”

The former opposition leader, Tshering Tobgay, said the party’s position would be the same if this had happened two years ago. “It just happens that it’s at the end of our term and we aren’t guided by any political mileage that we can get,” he said. “We’re hopeful that this precedent will create a lasting impression in the governance of a democratic Bhutan.”

Worth around Nu 2.5M, the Prados, according to the opposition party, are in excellent condition and can still serve the new leaders for the next five years.

“It’s my understanding that His Majesty the King was requested by no other than the prime minister to grant the official Land Cruiser and Prados, which is morally wrong and tends to set a precedent, which will eventually become a right,” PDP leader Tshering Tobgay said. “I strongly believe that it’s wrong for the elected leadership to submit a plea of kidu for personal gain, which is tantamount to total disrespect for the countless Bhutanese people, who struggle to meet their daily sustenance.”

A statement from the former ruling party, Druk Phuensum tshogpa, said they are deeply saddened by the fact that the soelra from His Majesty the King is being made an issue before the elections.

DPT said soelra is not new but an integral part of Bhutan’s culture, and that it is, in fact, a hallmark and symbolism of gratitude and appreciation that exists between the ruler and those serving him, a proud tradition that Bhutan has had for centuries.

“This is a deliberate, willful distraction that the people of Bhutan can’t afford at this juncture,” DPT’s statement said. “If the Opposition Leader has surrendered his soelra, so be it; the Opposition Leader may have his own reasons why he is not accepting His Majesty’s soelra.”

DPT said they are rather more worried that some people are stooping to the lowest common denominator to sow discord and bring about discontentment.

“The divulging of incomplete and un-finalised public documents has compromised the integrity of so many civil servants, and now it has not even spared the palace,” DPT said. “If indeed any information has come from a source from within the highest office in the land, it is deeply worrying that the security of His Majesty the King himself may have been compromised.”

By Sonam Pelden

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  1. Another article from the Bhutantimes forum on the subject:

    Chola remarked: “Let us see the election results to prove if DPT has done good job or not.”

    Okay, Chola! I graciously accept this bet. On July 14, 2013, this” privateCTN” and “Chola Babu” will meet here once again in this very forum concerning the final election results. On that historic day, our talking point shall be on the Bhutanese people’s verdict aspect. I look forward for an animated debate with you on the JYT subject.

    This is the maturity test for the Bhutanese people! As much as you are restless, I am equally interested into knowing how much we have grown in understanding the real meaning of this complicated subject called “democracy”.

    In the name of democracy if we mindlessly go wild and cannot differentiate the basic simple thing as that of the difference between- right and wrong, good and bad, head and tail, performer and non-performer, rationally thinking “privateCTN” and blatantly skewed “Chola Babu” like characters, then, I must say that something’s going terribly wrong with us as Bhutanese citizens.

    In such a situation, I think, more than trying into disciplining our leaders, may be, we should now look back at ourselves and see, whether or not we have lived up as reasonable citizens all this while?

    On the performance front, I do not think no government in the entire universe would have achieved this level of success like the JYT government. JYT has set high performance record, therefore, let alone the future governments, even in our 10th generations, I seriously doubt whether Bhutan would have one such JYT like perfect Prime Minister.

  2. What ever it may be, his hidden political agenda or personal reasons….the fact that the OL returning the Prado is to be greatly appreciated. Though commoners like us can never get a chance to hitch a ride for a mile in that Prado but if it helps the country getting into deeper debt… what more can we ask for? And it certainly will not having to buy another prado for next Ol at least…..

  3. Yes penjoo….
    you are right…this are all politics we should know it and also we must say this are all dirty politics of OL…i know him very well.
    1. Damchoe….you have to return back 700,000/- which you have already received as vechicle allowences than only i will hats off to you…other wise don’t play your dirty politics to the people. acting smart is not good…

  4. chogyel chogyel

    The DPT members have to learn to be satisfied with what they had enjoyed till now. The value of their vehicles would have been more than enough for developmental fund for 6 to 7 geogs.
    The DPT member being the majority took an advantage and kept revising their benefits forgetting their promises they made to our poor farmers and civil servant before the vote.

  5. Do you guys think What former OL did was right? From my point of view its all politics.” Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book”. And i hope our former OL is planning to write a book.

  6. Dorji100 wrote “I now believe cheapest political leader former OL can make country more cheap. Do not risk Bhutan to such cheap leaders.”

    I share this viewpoint as Dorji 100, and like me, I am pretty sure majority of the Bhutanese people might be equally concerned on the likely risks of Bhutan now becoming a cheap society if we are not careful. Bhutan as of date, I think, is in a splendid state of shape, but, how SHE moves ahead is now uncertain and largely depends on how maturely the Bhutanese people play their productive citizenry part?

  7. That is how political leaders undermine the vote of their candidate. We the Bhutanese cannot quench DPT Ministers Material Happiness through so called ‘Soelra’. I am Happy to be Bhutanese but ironically sad to have leaders like DPT ministers. The experienced ministers being now fallen in the name of begged Soelra…Hats off to Ex-OL. I am not voting for DPT and that is for sure…sorry DPT.

  8. Right Dorji100– People should weigh the good jobs and bad jobs of the last Govt. I think it will easily be seen how much the DPT has done for the country. I think we are beeing very cheap when we start commenting and making fun of every small mistake people make.
    I cannot even imagine another Govt. or a PM leaading Bhutan at this stage. We cannot let unknown hands steer our country.It would be a fatal mistake. It would be difficult to get up. Long Live Bhutan. Bhutan is my country.All Bhutanese are my bros. and sis. I wish the best for Bhutan.

  9. Who has the capability to restore negative Rs. 20 billion?
    DPT only has the capability. Development and Five year plan is natural as long as country has good economic. Understand that DPT do not make negative Rs, rather accumulative negative Rs has occurred during DPT tenure. I do not find any politicians clearyfying the issue in a right direction. Former OL also knows that but he more after cheap politics and it is hard to believe him. Those who believe and support former OL as cheap as him. Bhutan cannot be compromise or equivalent to return of OL`s prado. All the times and after applying all the logics political and technical, i do not find reason to promote cheap politics of former OL. I regret by looking at the limited thinking capacity of people. Think above nation and serve the people.

  10. Mr Joker…very good… your comment is logical. the DPT must hear it so that hopefully when they come back they don’t come with the demand for a new one but use their old one instead. if not… who knows how many prados a minister will own after 20 years and they will have to propose for a new ministerial entitlement from the state to build GARAGES for prados and a KIDU for as many patch of land to house the garage. after all one cannot build a garage in the air…moosh.
    any ways ….I will still have faith with the DPT..
    good luck to both the former ruling and opposition for 2013.

  11. The solution is simple. Former OL surrendered his vehicle because he is not coming back. So the same vehicle can be used by the next OL. But, the DPT ministers will come back and they can used the same vehicle. So, I think that both the parties have done what is right.

  12. Elsewhere in some Bhutantimes forum someone called “privateMAN” wrote this:

    I fail to understand what OL‘s up to with these artificial dramas- first, Kapney &Patang and now, the Prado show.
    By staging these puffed up public comedian shows, let us hope he’s not playing cheap politics with the Bhutanese people.
    As far as I am concerned, this is a very well deserved reward for the job well done by the JYT government. After all, we are only talking about the used Prados. I am sure the future leaders will now know that something would await them by way of gifts or acknowledgements – should they serve the people exceptionally well. In other words, this is called encouragement and today’s one Prado might fetch us an output equivalent to over one billion Prados.
    Now, decide which one is better- whether saving one used Prado or paving grounds for some more brand new Prados?

  13. When the opposition gave up their kabney and patangs in the earlier news I was anticipating the Ruling would do something. but it was again the opposition that followed giving off the Prado. I don’t know how this sacrifices can be termed politically but for BHUTAN a 2.5 million save is worth a sacrifice. 30 million would have been OVERWHELMING.

    no hard feeling anyways…

  14. Hellow Former OL & Damcho,

    How we can respect the principle by example when both you have failed to show same example: One return the Prodo but other one retained Nu. 700000.
    If i werre OL I would done bettere by accepting the “Soelra”. I now believe cheapest political leader former OL can make country more cheap. Do not risk Bhutan to such cheap leaders. If he had such a feeling then he could have used his personal car for the last five years.

  15. The next opposition leader will in no way want a second hand vehcile as his duty car.Not even me. So what makes OL to surrender. If the DPT do not come back to form the govt. will the next ruling cabinet ministers want the used cars as their duty cars. Certainly not. Money will anyway be spent in procuring new vehicles for all the next batch of cabinet ministers. Unless of course if the former ministers do come back then they should think of using their old ones instead of trying to opt for new ones. My view only.

  16. congratulation to OL for showing and setting the right example. The DPT govt lead by the PM has failed us on many fronts. Our expectation from them was very high with such a huge majority. Alas, they proved mediocre, greedy, corrupt, cunning and at times they told blatant lie to the public. They react to any criticism instantly and without tolerance or maturity. They are even taking away small things like computers, mobile, printers from their offices. What an example by our revered? leaders. Enough and we must change for better and new bold Bhutan.

  17. we don’t know if ur playing politics or not ….but practically OP u set good example for the rest of the politicians …and I feels u did what is good for country n its people….

  18. It’s not about politics, DPT or PDP. It is my humble personal understanding about soelra. Just two. It is given by someone who has to someone who hasn’t and it is given without asking for it. This time, I can’t help, but agree to what ex-OL did.

  19. I am really feed up with the present Government with the mess created in the economy – Rupee crisis, housing shortages, loan issues, ban of vehicles and so many bans.

    It is also mess with the civil service system with doctors, teachers and engineers leaving the government jobs and creating huge problems.

    Ideally, the cabinet members must not ask too much including the official vehicles to get transferred in their names. It is bad precendent

  20. Democracy is meant to produce man like OL. His patriotism and love for country is practical, unlike those DPT preachers. I wonder how could they justify tradition to benefit few rich people when our country is under huge debt, unprecedented Rupee shortage, struggling middle income earners and on and on. My goodness, 80000 plus salary, free bungalows, water, electricity, internet and mobile vouchers, and 700000 retirement benefits is not enough for damaging our country in the last 5 years. Remind me if there was progress in the last 5 years. Tobacco Act, Pedestrian rule, unnecessarily hiring McKenzie consultancy at the cost of 9 million USD, building IT park for 8 million dollars with no single occupants even now, Gyelpozhing land scam, and Denchi favoritism,unnecessarily seeking UNSC seat during which we have only angered our great partner India, lost of greatest history and treasure of Wangdiphodrang Dzong that the former govt could not set up any safety measures because they were busy campaigning abroad forgetting pertinent domestic issues, wastefully rushing to build sub-standard five domestic airports where runways cracked even before planes were taking off, and forcefully implementing expensive Education city project even while the very similar designed IT-park project remains burden to the nation, and ….

  21. Cheers DPT Leaders!!!! I have full faith in your team. And will always support your Party so long as PM JYT stands……

    Sorry to see so many people blaming DPT Leaders and NC Chairperson about the Prados they are going to take. They cheers PDP’s OL for returning his Prado to the govt. May be and I am sure he always intended to destroy DPT’s standing………..say from angles. Tax revision to name just one…. and taking the Govt. taking to the Court and verdict passed against PDP’s favor. Raising tax was a good intent from govt. but PDP thought it harms the public of the country thereby dragging the government to the Court… What a shame on Opposition side.. The Govt. did not intend to levy tax to the commoner like us but from the Big shot who can pay it… I think Opposition took the matter to the court becoz the Party is being support by Big Companies to which he (OL) is connected to. He (OL) did not want those company to pay tax…..

    And now returning his Prado to the Govt. AT this juncture I really doubt if he (OL) is willing returning the car knowing the Country’s Rupee crisis (not ailing economy exactly). Some of the Online users cheers him saying he is setting good precedence by returning his Prado to curb rupee crisis. I should say the Cabinet (DPT Leaders) have serve with utmost dedication to the Nation as they Promise to the Electorates back in the far flung villages. Majority of the people back in the villages are satisfied they got what they want from the DPT Govt. Now after serving the Nation and Tsa-Wa-Sum for five long years and resigning from the Govt. you all want them to rob our PM and Ministers their Prados? What a shame on you guys. Never ever think they are robbing and looting the Public and Govt. They deserve to have their share. And if you all really want the DPT Leaders to return the vehicle to the Govt. than, why can’t you ask all the MPs to reimburse the Vehicle Allowance of Nu. 0.7m given to them. If the MPs have their share can’t the PM, Ministers and NC Chair take their share.

    So let OL alone return his Prado. He wants to show his sincerity to the Voters. But no matter what ex-OL can’t woo the Electorates in the villages. He can’t steer the Nation as JYT does. His do not have quality to be the Leader of the Nation.

    So cheers JYT and Cabinet Ministers and DPT Teams. Wish you form the New Government for next five years too.

  22. Dear Tormala and others who are suspicious….If ex OL is seen giving a beggar on the street nu 10, are we still going to say ‘that’s political gimmick’? Any average man with a compassionate heart would do that, no? So in this prado giving back case also, any sensible person could do that and we should not see it as political gimmick. As for the DPT ministers, I am hoping at least Lyonpo Thakur, my idol man, to do what ex OL did instead of always being scared of PM. Thakur sir, I still remember your lectures at Kanglung to us, ‘ro sem dhi zhu de kup na, rang sem dhi dha de thrang go’. Thakur sir, where are your principles gone? I was hoping that at least you would object to the countless demands by other MPs regarding their salary, entilements and so on over the last 5 years. But you never made a noise. Still my respect in you stood firm, but now it is beginning to fade with this latest stunt by your President and you staying quiet. But you still have a chance – advise the PM and others to return the prados and you will still be my idol man.

  23. Dasho you did a good job. yes you have thought for the GNH country and you are the GNH person. this prado can save the national budget and it can help to this who are in homeless. why other lyonpo are not surrendering their prados? they are having 2 to 3 prados and are they not enough? they are taking public’s property. if they surrender their prados, it can save budget for buying the prados for next ministers and it can also solve the rupee crunch. even they have stopped importing prados and they are taking away it. is it good? they are talking people, not doing people.
    i would congress our former opposition leader and do same as it if you are elected for next term. best of luck…….

  24. ol our country needs a leader like u to lead the country. i have much faith in u in hope u ll be the pm in the next ruling govt. i think ur statement is a correct one to be respected. u have made a good statement at this time

  25. I share the sentiments expressed by many concerned citizens. I too am disappointed with the DPT, the party I strongly supported and the ex-PM, who I thought was an honourable man. Soelra aside, I find DPT’s statement distasteful, muddling and dangerous. May Bhutan be blessed with more intellegent, courageous, altruistic daughters and sons who replaces greedy, arrogant, egoistic people in the government.

  26. Rixey remarked:<<>>>

    What do you mean by the word “we”?Why are you including me in your “Howray ex-OL Yes Group” without checking on me whether or not I as a Bhutanese citizen wants him back as the OL? Please say “I” instead of “We”. If you like him, that’s your right, but, do not stand in for us and make this unauthorised statement on our behalf.

  27. When someone does their best in the interest of the Nation, there are people always blaming………

  28. O! Here is the strength of PDP that I was neglecting: the moral strength of clear conscience and expression of responsible behaviour to the people. Welcome, OL and PDP for expressing the will to take nothing more than legitimate dues in order that precedent may not be set for accumulation of personal wealth for future leaders.

    It is immoral to take responsibility of representing the poor people and using it as eligibility to qualify for more. Morally, such leaders are weak, not sure about whom they serve: There must be reasonable balance to burden no party in any good deal; for one cannot make gain without inflicting loses to other if no work has been done to acquire what is desired. In this case loses are to the national exchequer that affects general public. OL’s view is expressed with certainty in “we’re not trying to renegotiate towards the very end, and trying to squeeze as much for our personal gains” and referring to the poor economic situation of the country at present that calls for practical action of moral response towards the public.

    On the part of DPT, preaching GNH about acquiring happiness in nothing on one hand and defending as much gain as possible to express happiness by them on the other become contradictory. I do not see any POLITICS in this action of OL.

  29. I think Mr. Tshering Tobgay is sole person to show a good example after disolving the first elected parliamentary democracy in Bhutan.

    Hope the upcoming elected PM or Ministers and Parliamentarian as a whole will not seek any Kidus. In this democratic system of Government(In Bhutan) Ministers’ are the real bagger instead poorer people in rural Bhutan

  30. Why DPT is making a issue out of this. Mr Tshering Tobgay is going to win again no matter what. It was a good decision to give back the car back to the government, so that it would save some hard cash in this crisis.
    Dear DPT lets not drag our king into your politics. Remember there are so many people going hungry, and you guys thinking of grabbing every thing possible.Lets be selfless and think of needy people. Am not a supporter of any political party, but i have to say Tshering tobday did it right.
    Doesnt matter if he was a DPT or PDP.

  31. I salute to OL. You are the true son of Bhutan. You have set presidence which is supposed to be set by the so called PM JYT. You are really a leader which Bhutan should have in future as well. No body likes people who finds the weakness on the wall and get out through that weak point for their own benefit. This DPT has really done nothing instead cheated from the very beginning and still cheat people of bhutan. They gave false manifesto and done nothing! All the developments are done as per the 5 year plan! What extra have you done to us the nation as a whole? You are walking away imposing more crisis to Bhutan! How many pardos you want? Your greeds for personal benefits is harming our citizen! So we are not with you this time unless you return those vehicles to respective ministries and departments! Or else we will brain wash all the people of bhutan not to vote you all since you all are for your benefits . You mr JYT must be knowing what happened during 2008 elections? We the civil servants made all the villagers to vote for you looking at your ball head thinking you will do something good, thinking you will set examples! Where is it now? Even at the last moment you are walking away with the public properties, nations properties as solray! Shame on you DPt. this time we won’t be with you unless you return us the nations properties those vehicles! You must be knowing very well that maximum populations resides in the villages and they are at the guidance and support of son or daughter into civil service, so things can easily turn against you the cheater DPT and you expect the worst this time! Cheer to Dasho Tshërïng Tobgay OL, we want you to be our next PM, You are true SON of Drukyul.

  32. Good example by OL.

    DPT members are always after their benefits and were always after that from the beginning. Not a session of the parliament went by without discussion on their perks and benefits.

    On the other hand, there are many sections of society who are finding difficult to meet their basic needs. Amidst this, DPT is with prado, landcruiser. You could stop the quota for the civil servants and do otherwise from your end

  33. Why former OL is returning his vehicle is just to heed to the noise made by a handful of people in this forum. If some of us tell him to accept the solar, he will accept it. He has no conscience of his own, but simply influenced by a group of people very easily.

  34. As indicated by the LOGO of PDP, OL and his compatriot, Damchoe Dorji did a good horse-trading. It looks very unethical political business when elections are just around the corner. If OL is really concerned about the budgetary constraints of our country, in the first place he should have denounced Toyota Prado. He should have opted for an Indian car, which can very well run for 5 years. If he had shown example in this way, the cabinet ministers would have given second thoughts. In other way, OL should have opposed when the parliament was discussing entitlement for Ministers and MPs.But he didn’t because he knows he will also receive. Similarly, Damchoe Dorji, should have sacrifice his car allowance and fought in the parliament while discussing entitlement. At this juncture, giving up government vehicle and office equipment is sheer dirty politics. They should be ashamed of their deeds.

  35. I have a simple question for the DPT spokesperson and I demand a simple answer as a citizen of this country.


    But if yes he did, stop all the nonsense of trying to justify by accusing the OL of trying to gain political mileage, use culture of soelra as and excuse. Stop insulting the intellengence of the Bhutanese people. We are not cows.

    So please clarify

  36. OL. Well done!! I am sure many are disappointed that JYT did not take the lead in this.

    It is ethically and morally wrong for holders of public office to go crawling to the sovereign and beg to keep personally what belongs to their office and state.

    DPT. You may have served your term with dedication and honour. We are grateful for that. Now, you should make your exit in the same manner. This case makes you all appear outright petty, pathetic, greedy and small minded.

    The only soelra you or anyone in public office should take is the honour, privilege and distinction of serving the King, country and people.

    GNH is not where the PM and cabinet beg for themselves, but for the people of the country…up to their last breath.

  37. We should appreciate our dedicated OL for his dedicated service. It is a very good exam ple indeed. Instead of giving the vehicles to the ministers, mps n ncs forever, they should be provided with duty vehicles n drivers so that employment is created and But our politicians r thinking about their personal gains only….let us vote wisely this time who will come to the power…

  38. DPT = Party of Greed.
    Rest – Wait and Watch.

    Tshering Tobgay = this one at least is a good example. you set.

  39. Really bad example from ruling party.Hope ur satisfied with that kidu. plez never do such thing in ur life .shame lee to ruling party.

  40. “total disrespect for the countless Bhutanese people, who struggle to meet their daily sustenance.”…very true, enough of politician wants!!

    We( citizen ) have enough of
    1) vegetable growing activities
    2)driving 2nd hand vehicles
    3) Rs 80 = Nu 100
    4)2nd pay increment

  41. Horray..ex- OL (Tsering Tobgay)! we the people of Bhutan wants man like you.
    In this era of Bhutan, running the economic crisis (ie. Dept) to India, atleast it will help in maintaining our check and balances of our government’s fund in a small way.

    Its a good example to us, being a Bhuddhist country. God bless you.

  42. respected OL,
    let the haters say what ever they want. if u continue going such good things to govt. the god will always be on ur side. i was the one who voted for DPT in first election but i was disappointed at the last. i realli didn’t like when i heard the news of outgoing MP taking PRADO…
    U r the true leader of the country.

  43. If the ministers in the past ve not returned the soelra my should the present ministers do…. if opposition leader has returned it is his snobishness… in politic ‘timing is everything´… may b a desperate measure at last minute…

  44. I really appreciate our valued opposition leader for his simple and effective contribution in this critical economic crises in our country. we do hope other vehicle owners will come forward in line with surrender vehicle.

  45. people out here does seems to know OP have harmed and hammered the ruling government till the end.but what they don’t know??….the basic meaning of OPPOSITION PARTY!!!
    also they say that OL should have returned his Nu. 7m and then make noise…may be he is doing that,,,,don’t you agree with me guys :)
    and yeah the funny thing,,,,Ruling party doesn’t want to give away their vehicle,,,so it has now turned into an issue before election.
    come on politicians enough of your words,,,do something in practice,,,
    For me,OP though only 2 have done there job way ahead than all those 45 bench warmers,,,,,hahaha

  46. Hats off to OL. Well done. At least you understand the economic crises our country is going through unlike our greedy PM and ministers who are actually responsible for creating this crisis.
    I wonder how returning a vehicle is going to sow discord and bring about discontentment. DPT’s fear tactics again….they always resort to that. We have seen them do it so many times….that we know better now. DPT can fool us once but no more!

  47. I start to hate DPT after reading their comments – there is no relation between the the security and handing back government vehicle. For whatever reason, OL don’t want, let him handover and if other receivers wants it, let them keep it. No one is forcing others to return because OL did it, and therefore why make an issue for OL’s decision to return the car?

  48. Thumbs up to the opposition leader for the commendable act at this right juncture in the history of Bhutan…..
    Shameless DPT ministers learn something from such courageous act instead of making an issue out of it and being deeply saddened.

    I am sure most Bhutanese voters would not want to make the same mistake of electing DPT again and then repent later.

  49. “DPT said soelra is not new but an integral part of Bhutan’s culture”..This integral part of Bhutan’s culture to reward, in terms of soelra, only those in power, politically and economically should be really done away with in the larger interest of the poor population of the country. This has been one of the most important pillars of flourishing gross national corruptions, nepotism and sycophancy in the country so for long.

    “stooping to the lowest common denominator” is what we expect from our leaders so that ill-visioned, high profile project like that of IT part should be avoided in future. Instead, we would wished for those low profile project that are vital to we common people. We want development activities relevant to us.

    Anyway, who could have imagined to attract foreign investment, specifically in IT and related field, in one of the, technologically, least developed country on the earth, if not for our bunch of idiots.

  50. I strongly support opposition leader if we think of land of GNH

  51. Hellow Damcho Dorji,
    “First you should have returned your Nu. 7m and then make noise…it would have fairly won human heart”

    Former Opposition leader and Damcho Dorji fail with last political kick:
    1. They change the Kabneys at the same time but then why they failed to return Prado and Nu. 700000 at the same time?. Does it mean that Damcho Dorji is poor for Nu. 700000? Do not get surprised by those such unclear intentions of former OL, rather it shows how failure at the last minute. If Damcho had given cheque of Nu. 700000 to government then it would more logical. Do be alarms by such a cheap action. Let lyenpos be happy with the ‘Soelra’. Who is the advisor of former OL is big question?

  52. Why lyoenpo(s) are necessary to allot brand new car? every time..y not follow usual procedure as in cetral government systems. surrednding and auctioning is also leads to procure every after completed tenures ..that is creating space for congession to traffic in near future..

  53. While it may sound as the political mud-slinging by the oppsotion leader but the fact of the matter is he did it for the wider good.Such commendable sacrifice would reduce the burden on the already ailing economy.
    No it is up to the so called dedicated high ups to surrender or hold on. We will be watching.

    Cheers to Ex- OL.

  54. Congratulations to both the OL and Damchoe Dorji. It is indeed a noble deed. It has nothing to do with politics. It is because you two are politicians that every different work initiated by you two seems to be political in nature.

  55. Baykhara, first of all I would personally like to express that what OL did about the kabney should be respected by all the citizens of Bhutan. I’m not a PDP supporter, instead I never liked it starting from the President himself. But what he has done about the kabney is a very advisible motive. If MP’s and Ministers could have their blue and orange scarfs, Bhutan would be filled with those scarfs after a 100 years from now. This, in my view is a very wise thing OL has done regardless of having some cheap politics behind it.

    Regarding the return of the Toyota Prado, I fully support DPT’s statment, “This is a deliberate, willful distraction that the people of Bhutan can’t afford at this juncture,”. These are open cheap politics. OL has done a lot to the ruling party, he can’t cheat us now. I am and will always have respect for HPM JYT. Bhutan will never see a PM like him. He has guided Bhutan very well.

  56. what an exclusive trend set by the Ol is a lesson to be learnt by the ones who has lived so far, learnt so far yet behaves so less……lets remind our selves of what you can do for your country and not ask the country what is to be done for them….

  57. That’s the way to do it. Setting good examples by Opposition. Why it has to be OL n Damchoe only and always. Leaders should weigh the pros n cons. At this time they should give back the vehicles. Or may be the sentimental attachment accompanied by material attachment supersede the moral n ethical aspects of a human character. Hats-off

  58. 1. To OL, we were worried that you were being trapped by the polluted design of DPT and include you as one of their mafia members. Please stand by the principle. In the beginning if you refer to our articles, we told you that you could be a Minister but not a PM because something is missing in you. Over the last five years, you have emerged as one of the true leaders of Bhutan and that there is growing confidence in you amongst our communities. Qualification wise, experiences wise, leadership wise and from every angle, we are convinced that you can be a leader (PM) of the country one day. Please do keep up your work above all temptation and personal greed, where possible try to bring institute system that is good for overall interest of the country. Do not leave any grey areas where Ministers can exploit to benefit their greed and personal interest. Once again we are convinced that you could possibly lead this beautiful nation of ours one day. We need a clean man who can sacrifice all the personal temptations and greed.
    To our honourable PM, we are losing our faith in you, may be you have served this nation for many decades and how many Prados and Land cruisers you would have taken both officially and without the public notice during these tenure. We had been a staunch supporter of you personally and the DPT. But our faith in you is beginning to genuinely fading slowly because of your vested interest and most importantly the last incidence of PRADOA issue make us shame. You could have graciously resigned with clean manner without any polluted baggage. Certainly your end of this five year was very bad, we have still hope that some lights and wisdom will prevail on you and that DPT will return Prados and Land cruisers.
    Honorable PM, 5 to 10 years ago when the nation was under the monarchical system, Prados were granted to Ministers for different purpose and need and it was ok, but this cannot be continued under a democratic and different system for obvious reasons- rupee crisis, increased people’s voice, accountability to the constituencies and all this makes people to question the government. That is why Ministers and government have to be more careful and sensitive to the views and opinion of the public and important to remain clean to garner the public support and to increase the credibility and image of the government and the country. PM need to learn the long term interest of the nation instead of killing the goose at one go!!!! Prados and Land cruisers are properties of the people of Bhutan and these DPT Ministers and Thrizin cannot just rob us. Of all these days, we were proud that we have the best system in the South Asia region, we are losing this pride because of our inability of the Ministers to satisfy their greed.
    So far we respected our leaders of our country, we respected our country, now we are beginning to rethink the types of leaders ruling us. We are seeing now daylight robbery, Ministers cannot just become thick skin and insensitive to the views and opinions of the public. A time may come when you will regret for misusing the power and for looting the public properties including the Prados. We will ensure that this property is returned and we will continue to hard press those looters of Prados, this is no joke- we are angry with the Ministers for robbing the Prados. We wish to see Parados are returned within this week or two. These Prados are not meant for them to ride during their campaign. That is why, we are saying if the people at the top collude and loot the public properties, the loyal citizens will lose faith in the system. We are of the view that maintaining clean system and having a faith to our leaders is utmost important than looting the public properties like Prados. Do you (PM) think we can have unity and harmony if leaders keep on looting? Do you think there will be social cohesion and equity, if there is daylight robbery like this? This is not the correct way to compare with the vehicle quota? This is gross misuse of power and Ministers abusing the flaw of the weak structural system we have. Ministers would not like to correct this flawed system because they want to exploit it to satisfy their temptations and greed. Shame on these beggars although they hold the position of Ministers, you have the guts to ask for kidu/soelra, it goes well if kidu/soelra is asked by the needy people. Remember that kidu/soelra if given to unfortunate ones and poor people will be appreciated. If kidu /soelra is given to rich and the powerful it signifies the collusion amongst the people in power and common citizens will view this very negatively and the reaction of the public will be very intense and strong.
    This is a food for thought for all of us, but we need the Prados back, whether OL, DPT or NC chairperson, there is no excuse for them to take Prados, this is highly objectionable. It is the responsibility of PM to guide the DPT . Rupee crisis, common people not able to meet their basic needs and Ministers getting soelra/kidu-the biggest joke in the democratic history of ours, hope some common sense will prevail on them and initiate to return Prados. We are seriously saying, we are losing our faith to the system that was once highly regarded.

  59. oh…oh….are this old ministers not enough? why they are asking too much from Country? how many government cars a old ministers will take this time? they have everything in this world and yet they ask for solera or kidu. is this people really serving people of bhutan? country is economically not sound every thing is banned. oposition leader is right here and this will have great befit to country’s economy. otherwise bhutan had to buy another 10-15 prados which would cost millions on government exchequer, which is not sound….yes we should not set any expensive precedence, it should be nip at the bud

  60. Forgetting politics for a moment, I would think OL is doing the right thing. The problem here is that we tend to suspect something fishy and fail to see something very special of this act. DPT is overacting and is actually the real one trying to make this issue big by dragging in the name of palace and civil servants. Hats off to OL.

  61. Three cheers goes out to our former Opposition Leader.. You have indeed set a hallmark for the current and future leaders to followsuit…2.5 M is a huge amount for a commoner like me… I donot understand why DPT is saddened by this noble act and how does this noble act contribute to bring about discontentment and security threats??? We have high regard for your dynamic leadership qualities but at the same time you should learn to accept someone’s good deeds instead of always giving negative critisim … To vote or not to is a complete different story.. .. But when an individual sets a good example, we should join hands and come forward to support..

  62. Don’t go crazy in the name of democracy to earn a political mileage at this last moment. Enough…you have harmed and hammered the ruling government till the end. Come on there are other means and ways to woo peoples heart to vote for the party. Truly this is not the right conduct. I am telling you Damcho…if it is the case why you have taken your own share of Nu. 7 lakh as your vehicle allowance in the beginning. How would you expect ministers to go empty after placing the tsa wa sum at the pinnacle of theirs lives. First you should have returned your Nu. 7m and then make noise…it would have fairly won human heart…..

    Try to be good human being sometime if not always. We will vote for the party (Your) in the upcoming election provided you prove to be different being…unlike the present.

  63. its a good act by the former opposition leader. i think others too should follow him so that Bhutan will save some budget, which can be used for other development purposes in future. the old prados can be given to other organisations and departments instead of buying new one and wasting money. the future leaders can have new ones but old vehicles should contribute in saving the budget for development in the country especially in rural bhutan.

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