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Steam Sea bass with Chinese Green


Sea bass – 150gms

Chinese gabbage – 60gms

Ginger,  – 50gms

Bok choy – 60gms

Asparagus – 60 gms

Bell pepper – 60gms

Spring onions– 5 no.

Fish stack – 250ml

Soy sauce – 4 tbs

Sugar – 1 tbs

Oil – 1 tbs


Season the seabass with salt. Place 1/3 ginger and spring onions on to a plate, place seabass on top. Scatter the remaining ginger and spring onions over the sea bass.

Heat a pan with water, until boiling. Put the dish on a rack over the boiling water, add in all the vegetables cover and steam for 8-10 minutes. Pour out any water that may have collected in the dish.

Mix together the soy sauce, sugar and hot oil and pour over the sea bass and serve.

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