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Taxi driver sentenced to three years for molestation

Thimphu dzongkhag court’s bench II sentenced a 38-year-old man from Shingkhar in Zhemgang to three years in prison for child molestation.

In the judgment rendered earlier this month, Choki Wangchuk was found guilty of  molesting her on September 25 last year. The taxi driver gave lift to a six-year-old student from one of the schools in Thimphu in his taxi and molested her.

“He dropped her off near Lanjuphakha bridge after she cried when he was molesting her.”

Choki Wangchuk’s wife, who represented him in the court, claimed that her husband gave lift to the girl after he saw her standing at a bus station on a hot sunny day.

She also argued that her husband only gave lift to the girl and did not molest her and the court should not take into consideration of a minor’s statement.

The wife also claimed that her husband is a father of four and would not molest the girl in  broad daylight.

Office of the Attorney General’s (OAG) prosecutor, submitted to the court that a six-year-old girl would not make up the story if Choki Wangchuk didn’t molest her.

OAG also submitted that the girl’s neighbour also saw her crying near the bridge when he was on his way to pick up his daughter.

According to OAG, another neighbour, who came to pick her daughter from school found the girl near the bridge and gave her lift. “The girl, who was usually cheerful, didn’t answer any questions her friend asked and did not speak a word even when she got out of the car that day.”

The minor shared about the incident to her mother the moment she reached home and the mother reported the matter to police.

CCTV footage also showed Choki Wangchuk holding hands of the victim and making her sit in the front seat of his taxi that day.

The court also ordered Choki Wangchuk to pay a compensation of Nu 45,000 to the victim for causing lifelong trauma in the child’s life.

It was learnt that Choki Wangchuk appealed against the judgment to the High Court.

Tashi Dema

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