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The party scene in Trashigang

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trashigangBird’s eye view Trashigang town

Party politics is slowly picking up in the eastern district of Trashigang even though some parties are yet to open offices.

Recently, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s (DNT) Radhi-Sakteng constituency candidate visited his constituency to open up offices in Trashigang and some other constituencies.

It is the second political party to have a party office in Trashigang. Until, recently, only DPT had a party office in Trashigang.

DNT also opened another office in Rangjung for its Bartsham-Shongphu constituency. The party also appointed its constituency and gewog party coordinators in Radhi, Merak and Sakteng gewogs.

Some herders said that DNT’s Merak gewog coordinator is on his way to Thimphu. A coordinator for Radhi has also been appointed from Pakaling.

It is unsure if the rest of the political parties including people’s democratic party (PDP) and Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) have a party office in Trashigang.

Respective party presidents could not be contacted yesterday on whether they have an office in Trashigang since the parties were caught up with election commission of Bhutan (ECB).

Meanwhile DPT party workers have already started groundwork for the up-coming primary round campaigns.

“A handful of us (gewog party coordinators) gathered in my office to figure out plans for the campaigns,” DPT dzongkhag coordinator Gyempo said.

My office is working on seeking approval from the returning officer’s office for campaigns he said. “The venues for the meeting would also be finalised,” he said.

DPT’s Radhi-Sakteng constituency coordinator, Samdrup, said the actual party works in the villages would happen once ECB announces the party is through for the primary round.

Politicking is still absent in the villages. Apart from recognising party symbols people still have no idea about what is happening in Thimphu. While the villagers in lower valleys are engrossed in farming, herders from Merak and Sakteng who are still living in the winter pasturelands, have little time to discuss politics.

“We rarely get any time to meet up for such talk since majority are still in far-flung pastures,” a herder from Merak, Kezang Lhendup, said.

Of-course we do discuss on the caliber of party and its candidates sometimes he said. “But no serious politicking is happening right now,” he said.

An observer from Phongmey said that compared to 2008 elections excitement surrounding elections has dropped drastically in the villages.

“This year’s election is rather calm unlike, 2008 election when people were panicky,” the civil servant said. Even with few days left for primary round campaigns to begin, the villagers are least bothered by it he said.

By Tempa Wangdi, Trashigang

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