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Three detained for fake INR notes

Gelephu police has detained three non-Bhutanese men for trying to exchange counterfeit Indian Rupee (INR) notes with Ngultrums to a labour agent.

The accused had INR 11,000 when they were arrested on July 25. After being unsuccessful in the first attempt, one of the accused, a 66 year-old-man had asked his accomplice a 29-year-old man to exchange the notes and promised him a commission, a source said. The third man is 55 year old.  The source said that the labour agent, after identifying the notes as fake reported the issue to police.

This is the first counterfeit case reported in Gelephu this year but sources say that given its location near the boarder town of Dathgari, such cases are likely to occur often.

Gelephu police refused to comment saying that they are still investigating the case.

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