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Potholes like these will be a thing of the past according to the thromde’s APA
Potholes like these will be a thing of the past according to the thromde’s APA

Thromde to get rid of potholes, ensures 24×7 drinking water  

By July next year, residents of Thimphu Thromde will have access to 24×7 clean drinking water.

This is one of the success indicators highlighted in the thromde’s annual performance agreement (APA) for the current fiscal year.

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering signed the APA with Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee yesterday after the thromde was asked to rework on its APA document earlier this month.

To enhance health and nutrition of thromde residents, Thimphu Thromde has pledged to provide every household with 24×7 clean drinking water supply.

24×7 water supply has been considered as having adequate water for 24 hours from a tap and not pressurised from the source, which shall also be by use of storage facilities.

Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said that every building in the thromde has a storage facility. “We will be supplying water twice every day in the morning and evening. Some households will receive three times in a day so that they can fill their storage tanks.”

The hours of water supply per day have been designed differently for different locations. Officials said that supply system is technically based on consumption per capita per day of the consumers.

The thrompon said the water source in Dodena would be connected to the three-tank reservoir in Changangkha.  During the dry season the source in Motithang is not enough to cater to all the residents, he said. “Once the water from Dodena is connected to the three-tank, drinking water issue should be addressed.”

As instructed by the Prime Minister, the thrompon signed an APA with Lyonchhen on five key issues that included providing 24×7 safe drinking water to thromde residents.

The other key issues are making urban road network in the thromde pothole-free, enhancing safety in the city, putting in adequate measures to manage solid waste and connect all households to a sewerage system.

To improve livability, safety and sustainability of human settlement in the capital, thromde has pledged to achieve 100 percent pothole-free urban blacktopped roads.

Kinlay Dorjee said that this indicator would be measured based on the number of complaints received and resolved within the turn-around-time (TAT) based on the complaints shared on the thromde’s official Facebook page.

The TAT for pothole repair is catagorised into two – three days if it is a dry pothole and three to seven days if the potholes are due to water leakage from water pipes and sewer manhole. Thromde would also take care of the protruding manholes.

He said that in the last few years, Thimphu Thromde carried out major road resurfacing in various locations. “And looking at the progress of the achievement in the past, we feel that if given some momentum, we can and should be able achieve this target.”

To ensure effective management of municipal solid waste, segregation of waste at source would be carried out strictly. For this, in the current fiscal year the thromde would be piloting a two-bin system in 50 buildings in identified locations.

Kinlay Dorjee said that these buildings are those who do not match the collection timing of the waste trucks. It was found that the garbage were scattered around the surrounding. Using the two bins, residents can responsibly store their waste for the trucks to pick up, he added.

Also 10 waste-drop-off centres would be constructed in Taba, Dechencholing, Babesa, Jungzhina, Motithang, Changzamtog, Pamtsho, Changbangdu, Olakha and Simtokha.

To achieve this target, officials said that the budget for the activities would have to be approved by the government including approval for long-term government land lease for the construction of the drop-off centres.

To provide sewer service, Kinlay Dorjee said that those residents without septic tanks would have to build one. “Where there is no sewerage network, people will be asked to connect to the treatment system,” he said. “We are extending our network and would be also inspecting all the sites and ensuring that no body is discharging their sewer water into the river and streams.”


Safe city

To improve safety of residents living in the city, some 12 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras would be installed in Changbangdu and Hejo vegetable shed areas and about 200 street light lamps in Changbangdu and Pamtsho local area plans would also be fitted.

The thrompon said that the office is also working closely with entertainment centres. More than 40 karaoke operators in the capital have formed an association to resolve issues related to the business.

“There was no association in the past and no guidance so everyone was doing business on their own,” he said. With the association formed that has a working committee, if there are things being done out of the rule, the association will take care it.

“With the help of these associations we are trying to handle the illegal bars flourishing in the city,” said the thrompon. “We will have no sympathy for people thriving on illegal businesses.”

Meanwhile, sharing his contentment with the final document, Lyonchhen said that Thimphu Thromde’s APA document could be used as a model document for the rest of the agencies and ministries.

“It has turned out to be just as I expected,” Lyonchhen said. “Achieving these targets would definitely have a positive impact to the residents of Thim-throm.”

Lyonchhen also assured full support of the government in helping thromde fulfil its activities.

Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said that with the Prime Minister’s reassurance to provide support both in terms of financial and policy interventions wherever required, his team is excited to achieve all the outlined targets.

Also another APA with details on the activities and other mandatory indicators was signed between the thrompon and the executive secretary.

Younten Tshedup

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