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Thromde to relocate rubber bumpers

Thimphu Thromde last week replaced the two rubber bumpers in Langjophakha in Thimphu with the bitumen speed breakers.

The two new bumpers  cost the thromde about Nu 50,000.

The thromde fixed the rubber bumpers measuring eight metres in length and three inches high each in Langjophakha on February 14, on a pilot basis.

A few days after the rubber bumpers were fixed, people complained on social media. Motorists criticised the new bumper for causing traffic congestion and inconvenience.

The thromde’s executive secretary, Passang Dorji, clarified that the thromde did not remove the rubber bumpers because of the complaints. He said that the bumpers were fixed in Langjophakha as trial and it proved effective in controlling speeding vehicles.

“There is no traffic congestion and not much pedestrians in the area so we replaced the rubber speed breakers,” he said. “We will relocate the rubber bumpers in strategic locations in the city like school areas.”

Passang Dorji said that compared with other speed breakers on our roads, rubber bumpers are effective in controlling speeding vehicles, cost effective and can be reused. “We have tested vehicles with low clearance on the rubber bumper. It doesn’t damage vehicles unless you drive recklessly.”

A metre of the rubber bumper costs about Nu 3,000.

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  1. Thimphu Thromde otherwise is all shortage of funds and here they spent without any realization. my take isn’t about the sustainability or how beneficial those plastic bumpers will bring, but the location. they could have tested where there was requirement of bumpers without having to dismantle and make again. Penny wise and Pound Fool? I wonder!!

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