Saturday, July 4th, 2015 - 9:20 PM
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To be devoted to pending/spillover bills

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Parliament It could be 15 days of deliberations and lawmaking before the first parliament winds up.

During the pre-agenda meeting held yesterday, it was discussed that the last session of the parliament, scheduled to take off on February 8, will end on March 6.

But the session is being punctuated by a number of national holidays and weekends.

Assembly officials confirmed that no new bills would be introduced during the session.

Instead, the two houses, National Assembly and National Council, will deliberate on pending bills and issues that spilled over from the ninth session of the Parliament, which ended on July 11 last year.

The assembly will look up alternative dispute resolution bill and contract bill the council passed on after deliberating in the last session.

The council will deliberate on domestic violence prevention bill and road bill, which the assembly worked on in the previous session.

Among others, the prime minister is also expected to present the state of the nation report to the parliament.

Disaster management bill and national flag bill could be up for discussion in a joint sitting, going by the course bills took during the ninth session.

More than 30 bills have been passed since the first parliament session on May 8, 2008.

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