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Trashigang becomes more hospitable

The district is seeing an increased number of lodging facilities for foreign visitors

Tourist Accommodation: From about two hotels a few years ago to more than six today, getting an accommodation in Trashigang for tourists was not a problem this year.

For the last few years, Trashigang has been constructing more lodging facilities to accommodate the increased flow of tourists.

Trashigang now also houses its first resort at Lingkhar, about eight kilometres from Trashigang.  Its second resort, Druk Doethjung resort in Phomshing, is half complete.  A handful of hotels have also started providing these services.

Which is why, for the first time, Trashigang didn’t face a dearth of accommodation for tourists during its annual tshechu last month. “Tourist didn’t have to pitch tents in Riju as they did before, because now we’ve opened new resorts and hotels,” Druk Doethjung resort’s proprietor Kinga said.

Riju is about four kilometres away from Trashigang. Earlier, during Trashigang tshechu, most tourists had to camp at Riju, because the town had no place to accommodate them.

“Although I can’t remember how many tourists stayed in my hotel, it remained occupied throughout the tshechu,” K C hotel’s proprietor, Kinzang Choden, said.

This year, Druk Doethjung hotel alone saw over 2,580 tourists.  According to its owner, Kinga, Trashigang saw an increase in tourist arrivals by 70 percent from last year.

Lingkhar resort saw over 100 tourists since its opening a couple of months back.

The growth in such establishments in Trashigang has also created employment opportunities for the people in the district.  Lingkhar resort has employed around 25 youth, including high school dropouts, from the villages.

“But I’ll need to double the number of employees after completing the final unit of 12 rooms,” its proprietor Deki Peldon said.

Kinga said that his resort alone would create jobs for over 120 people.  His existing hotels have employed around 40 people.

Meanwhile, both Druk Doethjung and Lingkhar resort are constructing more lodging facilities.  Hotels in Trashigang are also targeting to cater to tourists, who travel east for the Gomphu Kora tshechu.  Earlier, tourists camped by the riverside.

Kinga said that he is expecting more tourists next year. “I’ve already received 30 percent booking for next year’s Trashigang tshechu,” he said.

By Tempa Wangdi,  Trashigang

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