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Trongsa police seek OAG’s help in Taktse case

Trongsa Police who is prosecuting the Taktse College case has requested the court to summon an official from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to the court to clarify on what basis most of the charges against the former lectures were dropped.

OAG gave directives to police to prosecute against one of the senior lectures from Tashiyangtse, if they could uncover new evidences.

Police submitted that they could not find new evidences and are prosecuting as per the directives from the OAG. “There isn’t anything mentioned in the Police Act regarding the dropped charges. For clarification, officials from the OAG should be called,” said the prosecutor.

During the rebuttal hearing on October 1, police submitted that the former lecture from Paro had intentions and misused the information shared by the victim to sexually abuse her. Police said they will submit the evidence during the hearing.

Police submitted that the lecturer have forced the girl to drink alcohol, touched her physically and made unwarranted moves with the sexual intentions. For instance, the lecturer was accused of pinching and touching the private parts of the girl.

Prosecutors also submitted that the former assistant lecture from Wangdue had visited one of the day-scholar students at her house, grabbed her hand and made her sit near him and kissed her with doma in his mouth.

The prosecutor said that the assistant lecturer had tried to pull the girl to a dark place after a dance session during a picnic in Bumthang and asked another female student to sleep with him after visiting her house.

Prosecutors argued that half of the information they wanted to submit to the court was submitted by the accused in his rebuttal. One of them had invited a female student to sleep with him when he went to edit her assignment at her place.

Prosecutors questioned the rationale for carrying out official works at the student’s resident. The prosecutor also submitted that there was no clear explanation in denying the offer made to a girl to marry the accused and offering to open a shop for her.

On the former lecture from Chukha, prosecutors submitted that the lecturer had touched a girl inappropriately when she was watching a football match.

Three former lectures will rebut on October 10.

Nim Dorji | Trongsa

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