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Tseza residents appeal to ACC to investigate canal construction

Residents of Tseza gewog in Dagana appealed to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate why the 4kms irrigation canal constructed at Nu 10.1 million (M) is not benefitting them.

The irrigation canal construction began in 2017 and was handed over to the dzongkhag last year. It was supposed to benefit 45 households of four villages in the gewog.

In the complaint letter submitted to the ACC, villagers requested the commission to investigate how the canal was designed and approved by the dzongkhag officials.

Villagers also wanted ACC to investigate if the contractor constructed the canal based on the design.

In earlier interviews with Kuensel, residents alleged that the dzongkhag officials refused to show them the design. Villagers also said that they wrote to the dzongkhag about the poor quality of the construction but no one listened to them.

Dzongkhag engineer then said there was alignment problem and the dzongkhag would rectify it with the 10 percent of contractor’s payment amounting to Nu 570,000.

Villagers also requested ACC to investigate if the irrigation canal handing-taking was done following the normal procedures.

They claimed that a huge government budget has gone into waste, as no water flowed into the irrigation canal and to their fields. “What’s the use of constructing the canal if it is not benefitting the end-users,” the letter stated.

Officials from the ACC said they forwarded the case to Royal Audit Authority (RAA).

RAA officials said audit office in Tsirang already issued two memos against the irrigation canal construction and details will be included in the audit report.

Tashi Dema

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