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Two stung to death by swarm of killer wasps

This was the third such incident of an attack in the same vicinity in a week

Khomshar: A 79-year-old woman and her nine-month old grandson were stung to death by a swarm of killer wasps on October 5, making it the second fatal incident in less than a week in Zhemgang’s Khomshar village.

The 79-year-old woman, who was carrying her grandson, had gone to chase away monkeys in their maize field that afternoon when the killer wasps attacked.

The baby died an hour after the incident, and the grandmother died the next morning.

Health officials from Yebilaptsa hospital, who are in Bardo, said the grandmother and grandson were stung more than 30 times.

In the first incident on October 2, a 23-year-old man died from wasp stings while he was out to collect fodder.

A third incident occurred on October 6 in Legpati village when a 38-year-old woman was stung, but she survived the attack, and is reported to be recovering at the Langdurbi basic health unit.

The 38-year -old woman was stung when she was chasing out the family horse from the maize field.  The incident occurred near their lone house in Legpati village of Bardo gewog.

Legpati is about an hour and half walk from Bardo gewog centre in Khomshar.

“The woman, who is recovering in Langdurbi BHU, was stung thrice,” the dzongkhag medical officer, Dr Sonam Kelzang, said.  She was stung on the forearms.

The woman is reported to be in stable condition and she was given promethazine and dexamethasone, drugs used to treat allergies and inflammatory conditions.

A team from Zhemgang dzongkhag, comprising police, dzongkhag and forest officials, is on its way to Bardo to investigate the incidents.

By Tashi Dema

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  1. These days according to the media reports from the international front say that it is mating time for the wasps and the hornets. Atleast 41 people were stung to death in China this past month by the hornets. This is when the wasps and the hornets are most aggressive and protective of their nests and surroundings. So, people should refrain from going anywhere near the nesting areas or hives. It is the duty of the Agriculture Extension Officer to educate our innocent farmers and what to do in case of such attacks.
    I am optimistic that many innocent lives can be saved if appropriate on information is disseminated to the public by the AEOs through Zomdus. Local government should take this initiative with Gups and Tshogpas in the lead

  2. So sad to know such incident happening to innocent people. Let me pray that their soul be rest in peace…..

  3. Jangchubsempalugiraw

    Some people knowingly destroy to extract their infant babies ” JENGYEM” which people consume it believing special for health. Such extractions are said to be so common in Dagana. So those people who extract and harm swarm should have been killed by stung. Unfortunately revenge took on others and victims are different people.

  4. The department of forest has develop an act so that all the natural flora and Funna be kept as natural as it was. But coming to these repeated incidences, who is going to penalized since for a man killing one horny swarm we are imposed a fine of Nu. 500/- but for killing a man by a swarm is another leading question that may arouse to every individual’s mind. thus, Who is responsible in that paradox, swarms or the forester or both?. Review it and go publicly since its 21st century.

  5. this is too unfortunate. we could get rid of those killer wasps. there must be a hive nearby that people distract them unknowingly and they feel intimidated.

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