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Villagers refuse to vacate government land

Gewogs will start assessing the cases of illegal constructions from today

Land: Gewogs including Chumey, Ura and Chokhor in Bumthang are yet to submit a report on if people who had earlier encroached on government land by fencing, cultivation and construction of houses have been corrected.

During the dzongkhag tshogdu (DT), the land record office reported of 40 houses being constructed illegally on government land. Government land was also found fenced illegally across the gewogs besides cultivating on it.

An April 24 circular from the national land commission (NLC) stated that 10 dzongkhags where land kidu was already granted were asked to control encroachment on government land whether through cultivation, fencing or construction.

Following the NLC’s circular, the dzongkhag after assessing cases of encroachment in Chumey, Tang, Ura and Chokhor had asked those who had encroached to vacate government land by June 30.

The villagers however asked for an extension until the harvest season following which the deadline was extended to December 31. The dzongkhag also issued a circular in October to pull down the structures and fences by December 30 based on the tshogdu’s resoluation.

But six months later, neither the fences nor the 40 houses built on government land were dismantled.

Most encroachers refused to dismantle the structures aspiring to appeal for kidu, which even NCL is refusing to consider from accepting, Chokhor gup Sangla said.

The case is the same in Chumey and Ura. “Even after reminding repeatedly, they didn’t  dismantle the houses let alone the fences,” Ura gup, Dorji Wangchuk said.

Starting today, the gewogs will assess the illegal constructions to follow up with the dzongkhag.“Based on the assessment reports, further actions will be taken by the committee,” land record officer, Yangdu Tshering said.

Tempa Wangdi, Bumthang

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  1. If the villagers helped themselves due to need having less land than lower ceiling level (5 acres) in their thram, the amount encroached summing up to the lower level may be granted for regularisation, thanking them for helping themselves without harassing the authorities with repeated complains of shortage and banging the doors for KIDU.

    If they have no land to their name, the case earns merit of its own to be considered on priority. If they already own land above 5 acres and still encroached government land, substitute land may be taken from land in their thram so they know they cannot take advantage of grabbing FREELY from public property…

    Houses built on government land any ways need not be dismantled as it incurs loss on poor villagers. Fair justice will be served following logic in tune with rules instead of terrorizing the villagers with threats of consequences for non-compliance. That should however apply if they do not comply with logical approach. NLC should remain and serve only as professional technical body/organization than being AUTHORITY with pay rolled employees to harass the people with often inconsistent rules that may be applied as per their whims and fancies. Peace.

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