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The source is about two hours walk from the village
The source is about two hours walk from the village

Villagers work on solution to water shortage

Rinchen Zangmo | Tsirang

Villagers of Dungkarcheling in Tsirang are looking for a solution to a new problem they are facing.

With villagers experiencing water shortage frequently, they are clearing the stream. They know water will be a problem in winter.

A resident, Chogyalmo, said that water shortage was non-existent about five years ago. “There was abundant water and we didn’t have to quarrel or get into fights because of it.” Today, however, the situation has changed as water shortage has started causing disharmony among the people in the village, she said.

Having served as the water management tshogpa in the village for the past three years, she said that the issue needed attention, as it not only affected their daily chores but also businesses.

Last month, 29 people from the village went to clear the stream.

Members of one of the village’s association, Gaki Vegetable Detshen is the worst affected. Members of the group shared that the production has decreased in recent years because of water shortage. Most of the produce are sold at the Sunday vegetable market. “Although we got help from agriculture ministry, we need a viable solution. Nothing can be grown without water,” a member said.

More than 30 people from the village gathered to discuss the responsibilities and the amount to be paid to the person in charge of clearing water channels and keeping the water running throughout year.

About 37 households have come together and decided to pay a fee of Nu 12,000 annually to a person who would clear the stream.

Another resident, Kuenga Norbu, said that there were about 12 new constructions that would soon come up in the area. “These constructions require a lot of water and it will only keep increasing with many people buying land around and are planning to settle here.”

Dungkarcheling is under pressure to protect and manage the source, which is about two hours walk from the village, he said. “We face water shortage for almost six months.”

To manage the water issue and to ensure the continuous flow of water, the  system was first instituted about three years ago.

It was learnt the Damphu municipality would provide water for those households near the town in the future. Currently, there is no water shortage in the town area.


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