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What to do about Bhutanomics?

The interim govt. will decide soon on how to pursue DPT’s complaint on the banned website

The interim government will make a decision regarding Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s (DPT) complaint against the government-banned website, Bhutanomics, some time next week.

The website is a platform for anonymous contributors, who write and post images on political and social issues.

On whether the interim government will launch an investigation or pursue other measures against the person or persons behind the website, the chief advisor, Sonam Tobgye, said he could not comment on the issue currently, however, he added that he would do so next week.

In the letter addressed to the chief advisor, DPT president Jigmi Y Thinley urged the government to intervene in the issue, as the website goes “beyond the bounds of party politics or personal vendetta”, and threatens the “harmony, peace and stability” of the country.  He was referring to a June 10 post on the website that contains a number of allegations against the party.

The DPT president also points out that it is possible for the government to trace the source of the content, and calls for immediate and strong action.

If the interim government agrees with DPT and attempts to trace the content creators of the website, the responsibility is most likely fall on the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA).

The authority’s media officer, Lakshuman Chettri, said that the authority received the June 11 dated DPT letter on June 12. “Since this is only a copy endorsed to the authority, assessment is being made on what follow up action needs to be taken,” he wrote in an email on Thursday. “The authority will decide, after the assessment is made.”

On whether the authority had completed the assessment, as of yesterday, and had decided on any measures, Lakshuman Chettri wrote that “Since the letter is addressed to the Honourable Chief Advisor of the interim government, the authority will not be in a position to comment on this issue at this point of time.”

BICMA had directed all the country’s internet service providers to block the website in March, following a Phuentsholing court order.  The block was ordered on grounds of defamation.

However, internet users continued to access the website via proxy servers.  The website also moved its content onto social media platforms, allowing direct access to viewers.

Since then, BICMA has not followed with any further such measures to limit access to the website.

Questions to Bhutanomics for comments on the issue, and whether the content of its contributors can still be considered satire and parody, given public observations of mis-information and defamation, went unanswered as of last night.

By Gyalsten K Dorji

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  1. This is all Bullshit……Bhutanomic is bring issue from nowhere and letting our citizens very confuse and you know ex-PM is ruling our country when your mother is pregnent for your birth. iam writting this coz’ you are totally against the former govt. only. so from my side banned this bullshit Bhutanomics.

  2. Freedom must be utilized in useful ways, not digging self grave. Please do not try to shit on your own eating plate.

    CLOSE DOWN BHUTANOMICS, otherwise people connected with it will be in problem in future.I am sure.

  3. Cheif Advisor, wen getting chance , stop all website that DPT undermine. so we will be happy with corrupted DPT as no media tells about them

  4. What is “unauthorized media?” Who authorizes it? Who decides what’s worthy of being published? The government? In that case, Bhutan has no democracy and no freedom. Freedom of the press meaning putting up with some loudmouths and obnoxious publications. It’s worth it — it means that all media can be free and open.
    The best solution for those who dislike Bhutanomics is to ignore it and thus don’t give it power. Allowing Bhutanomics to function freely — short of slander — underlines the principle of a truly free press. This is very well worth it.


  6. No platform and freedom for unauthorized medias. Sue them.

  7. Freedom? What freedom? Freedom for anything should be used with proper rights. Writing anonomously and writing fictitious and malicious articles about one’s nation is not the right way of exercising freedom. They ar cowards and criminals. These people will poison the minds of our youths and damage the prestige of our nation. That’s why these people are criminals and anti-nationals.

  8. Articles on that page is too much. Need to act seriously. We find each and every article in that page is directly related to few individual. Moreover, these are what outsiders learn about Bhutan. In the name of freedom of speech we don’t want some one to defame Bhutan’s identity and don’t want to see Bhutan falling apart. Freedom of speech isn’t for anonymous. If they need to raise their voice let them do with their proper identity.

  9. This is very funny. Where is social media freedom??????

    Critics and criticism if taken positively are pillars for further improvement and developments. Why DPT is concerned too much about the critics if they have done nothing wrong?????????????????????

  10. I feel very repulsive at this web site. The contents are all outrageous and disturbing for the citizens. Its a violation of constitutional rights. I strongly condemn such acts. A coward and vulgar. Thueeeeeee…..spat…

  11. the authority should check reliability of Bhutanomic’s information. if the information are reliable and informative to the public, it should be recognized and further investigation should be taken against the guilty person.

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