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519 voters cast their votes in Zhemgang
519 voters cast their votes in Zhemgang

Zhemgang sees good turnout at FB centres

Zhemgang saw a good turn out on the first day of voting through the facilitation booth (FB) service.

The two FB in Zhemgang’s upper and lower Kheng region, saw a total of 519 voters, 321 female and 208 male come to vote.

 The FB service at the Zhemgang central school for the upper Kheng region saw more people with 412 voters. Out of the total, 242 were women and 170 men. In the lower Kheng region, which was conducted at Sonamthang central school, Panbang, a total of 107 voters turned up with 38 male and 69 female.

In both the regions, FB facilities will be conducted for three days in different places.

For the people of upper Kheng region, election officials will cater FB service In Buli today and at Yebilaptsa central school tomorrow.

Likewise, for the lower Kheng voters, FB facility will continue today at the same venue and will shift to Pantang tomorrow. According to Panbang’s returning officer Tashi Phuntsho, except for a woman who was recently granted a new citizenship and not registered in the voters list, there was no major issue.

FB facilities were identified in different locations to make voting convenient for voters from far-flung villages. Most of the FB facility users were women who are dependent on their husbands.

Tashi Wangmo, 36, from Challi, Monggar, said the FB facility has made voting easier. “I used to hire vehicles with other friends from my village to go and vote,” she said. Sonam Pelmo, 48, whose husband works with Bhutan Telecom also, said the facility has made easier for her to vote from the place of residence.

Zhemgang has a total of 1,125 registered voters for the FB facility.

Tashi Tenzin | Zhemgang

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